Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tonight's Dinner: Pasta e Fagioli

(You've probably heard of it... it's usually pronounced 'pasta fazool')

I used the recipe in The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen, but since pasta e fagioli is usually vegan on its own (some recipes call for chicken broth, but veggie broth works just as well) pretty much any recipe will do.

Basically, it's onions, garlic, crushed or diced tomatoes, white beans, ditalini pasta, vegetable broth and a bit of olive oil simmered into a hearty soup. I used crushed tomatoes, so ours turned out more like a stew, but it was delicious nonetheless.

It's nearly blasphemy to serve pasta e fagioli without fresh crusty italian bread, but I didn't feel like making bread and it's too nasty out to go to the store, I made some ersatz garlic bread while the pasta e fagioli was cooking: mix some garlic powder and italian seasoning with margarine, spread it on bread (we use whole wheat) and toast it in the toaster oven.

From start to finish, this took me about 45 minutes to make, and the leftovers that don't get eaten for lunch tomorrow can get frozen and reheated some other time. Another recipe I'm sure we'll have again.

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