Thursday, March 22, 2007

Super Quick Lunch: "Chicken" Tenders and Okra

The Boy is on business all week, so I'm spoiling myself a bit with more convenience food than I normally eat. Tops on that list has been these "Chicken Filets" that the grocery store here has recently started carrying. They are really good -- the marinade is delicious and the texture is great. No artificial or chemical-y taste like a lot of soy "meat" products have. They're pretty expensive so we won't be having them too often, but for when I simply don't feel like cooking, they're nice to have around. Lots of protein, too.

Anyhow, I also picked up some fresh okra on sale this week, and it just so happens you can microwave that too. So I set up a plate with the chicken filets and the washed whole okra, popped it in the microwave for one minute, put a dab of margarine and a little salt and pepper on the okra, and lunch was done.

Okra has a kind of asparagus-y flavour, but in my experience it's not as likely to be tough (tough asparagus...shudder). If you leave it whole, it's way less messy to eat, and I find that biting into the 'pods' is more satisfying than eating cut okra -- but try it either way to see what you like.

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